Redefining Micromobility

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Hilo is poised to become the global standard-bearer for micromobility safety, and is reimagining how personal transport integrates into our homes, our cities, and our environment.  


Hilo was founded by a talented team of Engineers and Designers and chaired by Dr Andy Palmer, who was CEO of Aston Martin and COO of Nissan. He has launched iconic cars and is credited with pioneering ground-breaking technologies, including leading the Nissan LEAF electric car development. His pre-eminent position is now steering Hilo to become the ultimate ‘last mile’ solution:


“We’re completely rethinking the notion of micro mobility – starting with the e-scooter. We have the ability to change the way we move, by providing part of the infrastructure to allow people and goods to move around in both a safe and clean way”.

Hilo's first product to market is the Hilo e-scooter. Its oversize front wheel dramatically improves stability and control over poor road surfaces. AI computer-vision technology warns the rider of impending dangers, and unique features communicate to pedestrians and other road users.

Combined with an eco-system of accessories for endless customisation, Hilo EV represents a new dawn in micromobility.



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